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Episode 04 - Importance of Experience

Adventures With God, Season 1, Episode 4 • 29m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 05 - Justice vs Grace

    The full story of the Latin Kings leaders who were highlighted in Father of Lights. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of the gang mindset as Darren hears from another former Latin King in the round table, where they ask the question: where do you draw the line between justice and grace?

  • Episode 06 - God & Trauma

    In this episode, hear a powerful story of God healing past abuse in the wife of a pastor for 14 years, as well as the full story of the Navy SEALS in Holy Ghost Reborn. The question then is: can God completely heal past trauma in one encounter?

  • Episode 07 - What is Love?

    See the full story of Mike and Deena Vant Hul from Father of Lights, who sold everything and moved to China to care for the “least of these”. Along the way, we wrestle with the question: what does love really look like?