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Episode 06 - God & Trauma

Adventures With God, Season 1, Episode 6 • 29m

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  • Episode 07 - What is Love?

    See the full story of Mike and Deena Vant Hul from Father of Lights, who sold everything and moved to China to care for the “least of these”. Along the way, we wrestle with the question: what does love really look like?

  • Episode 08 - The Catholic Divide

    In this brand new adventure, Darren takes Todd White to the Vatican in Rome. Along the way they are able to sit down with a Cardinal, and even pen a letter to the Pope. The question here is: why is there such a divide between Catholics and Protestants?

  • Episode 09 - A Creative God

    Watch as God uses two separate behind-the-scenes experiences with animals while filming Holy Ghost Reborn to show His love, and then, as only God can do, He makes them related in the wildest way possible. All this leads to the question: why would God use creative ways to speak to us when He’s al...