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Episode 08 - The Catholic Divide


Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 09 - A Creative God

    Watch as God uses two separate behind-the-scenes experiences with animals while filming Holy Ghost Reborn to show His love, and then, as only God can do, He makes them related in the wildest way possible. All this leads to the question: why would God use creative ways to speak to us when He’s al...

  • Episode 10 - Street Preachers

    Spanning multiple films, watch as Darren encounters a variety of street preachers with different mindsets but who are all a part of the same family. With various possible approaches, the question then becomes: what is the best way to preach the gospel?

  • Episode 11 - A Choice Must Be Made

    When God calls our name, a choice must be made. In this episode, two stories from Furious Love show both sides of choice. The leads to the obvious question: what role does choice play in our salvation?