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Episode 10 - Street Preachers


Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 11 - A Choice Must Be Made

    When God calls our name, a choice must be made. In this episode, two stories from Furious Love show both sides of choice. The leads to the obvious question: what role does choice play in our salvation?

  • Episode 12 - Religion vs Relationship

    In this brand new adventure, Darren takes his crew to various ancient religious sites in Athens and Delphi in Greece, where the gods of old are crumbling ruins, to show a God who is still very much alive. The question here is: what is the difference between religion and having a relationship wit...

  • Episode 13 - God & Korn Part 1

    Part 1 highlights the full story of Todd White at a concert of the rock band, Korn, along with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and bassist Fieldy. The question asked is: are Christians more afraid of darkness than God is?