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Watch this video and more on WP TV

Episode 15 - The Journey

Adventures With God, Season 1, Episode 15 • 29m

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  • Episode 16 - Do What Jesus Did

    In this brand new adventure, Darren takes three Kickstarter backers to Cape Town, South Africa, to “be the talent” who will pray for people. People who have never done this before see God move through them at a vineyard and atop Table Mountain. Which leads to the inevitable question: can litera...

  • Episode 17 - Tongues

    Darren explores the controversial subject of speaking in tongues, and even films himself being prayed to exercise this gift of the spirit for the first time in his life. The question is: why are tongues so controversial?

  • Episode 18 - Does God Need Us?

    - God is moving mightily in the Middle East, particularly through dreams and visions. In this episode, we hear from Ali, who encountered Jesus while hanging out in Mecca, and also hear from other experts on the unprecedented rise in Muslims being born again by simply encountering Jesus in th...