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Episode 16 - Homosexuality


Up Next in Season 2

  • Episode 17 - Sexual Sin

    We live in the most sexualized culture in the history of the world. So how do we navigate this for ourselves and our children? Looking back at some of the things we filmed involving sex trafficking, we begin to put a real face to the men and women who are being abused by our lusts.

  • Episode 18 - The Strategy Of Love

    When looking at the role of love in the Christian's life, I'm curious if it is important to have a strategy in how we go about doing it, or if we should simply love in as many ways as possible and let the chips fall where they may? Along the way, we look back at my time filming with the gypsies ...

  • Episode 19 - When Nothing Happens

    Obviously our films typically only show our successes when praying for people, but quite often nothing happens at all. We wanted to show some of these moments, and really wrestle with the question: What do you do when nothing happens?