4 Seasons

In this exclusive new web series, Darren Wilson shows a more intimate view of many of his friends around the world who are doing big things. Ministers, evangelists, rock stars, athletes...this new series will be an ongoing show that will deal with a wide variety of topics and people as Darren takes you on his journey around the world.

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  • Is There Such A Thing As Christian Art?

    Episode 1

    Gary Wilson discusses the difference between creating art about faith and creating art from faith.

  • How Do You Get Ideas?

    Episode 2

    Gary Wilson talks about how he gets his ideas, and gives examples of them going from a mere sketch to a finished product.

  • Biggest Regret

    Episode 3

    Gary Wilson talks about his biggest regret as an artist, and opens up about his secret struggle of watching his son gain the kind of fame he once desired.

  • The Mind of an Artist

    Episode 4

    Gary Wilson gives a tour of some of his work, and explains a little of the story behind each piece.