Obviously creativity is important to Darren and his father, Gary Wilson, so we've created this collection where we've put everything relating to the process of creativity that Darren has filmed over the years.

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  • Art As Parables

    Gary Wilson explains how great art should be like parables.

  • Superficial Christian Art

    Why superficial Christian art is of little value to the kingdom.

  • The Role Of The Artist

    How should a Christian artist view what they create? Is there a baseline for everyone?

  • Art As Prayer

    How art can be a kind of prayer from the creator to the Creator.

  • Inspiration

    How do we get the inspiration for what we create? How do the idea and the craft work together to create something of value?

  • The History of Art in the Church

    A brief history of the tenuous relationship between the arts and the church.

  • Creative God, Creative You

    We first need to understand God’s creative nature and how we fit into that understanding based on the Bible. We then look at the history of the church and its often rocky relationship with creativity and the arts.

  • A Creative Roadmap

    In this episode we focus on many of the basic principles of creativity, both from a secular and Christian viewpoint.

  • The Process of Destiny

    This episode about finding and walking out your God-given destiny, the importance of character, and learning how to embrace the journey vs pursuing the destination.

  • The Origins of Creativity

    In this episode we discuss the various worldviews and theories of creativity, because how you think affects how and what you create.

  • Tales From The Trenches

    In this episode we deal with failure and its importance in the creative process.

  • The Trinity of Creativity

    Here we deal with the concept of “style” and how it is achieved creatively.

  • How To Change The World

    In this final episode we deal with an overview of things you must master, conquer, and come to accept if you want to make a lasting change to the world through your art.

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Creativity & The Holy Spirit

    This segment of the Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition is for anyone who ever has to create something new. Hear from a variety of creative experts and teachers including Gary Wilson (artist/professor), William P. Young (author of "The Shack"), Michael W. Smith (singer/songwriter), Phil Vischer (creator of...

  • Phil Vischer, Walt Disney, And Identity

    Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) talks about his connection with Walt Disney and discovering his own identity in Christ.

  • Episode 09 - A Creative God

    Watch as God uses two separate behind-the-scenes experiences with animals while filming Holy Ghost Reborn to show His love, and then, as only God can do, He makes them related in the wildest way possible. All this leads to the question: why would God use creative ways to speak to us when He’s al...

  • Episode 09 - A Creative God (New)

    Why would God use creative ways to speak to us when He’s already given us the Bible? How does God’s creativity affect His interaction with us? How do we know something is God and not just coincidence? - Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Gary Wilson, Wendy Norris

  • Episode 6 - What Is Worship? (Part 1)

    Darren and friends wrestle with the question of what exactly is worship? Part 1 of 2.

  • Episode 6 - What is Worship: Part 1

    Worship is a lot of things to a lot of people, so we wanted to begin to drill into this topic a little more. Along the way, you'll see the first part of the incredible adventure from Holy Ghost, when Darren and his crew travel to Varanasi, India with no ideas beyond finding the darkest place in ...

  • Episode 7 - What Is Worship? (Part 2)

    Darren and friends wrestle with the question of what exactly is worship? Part 2 of 2.

  • Episode 7 - What Is Worship: Part 2

    Watch the rest of the adventure in Varanasi, India, as the Darren and his friends continue to wrestle with the main question: what is worship?

  • Anatomy of a Song

    Kim Walker-Smith talks about her process in creating the theme song for Darren's movie, Father of Lights.