Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes

Darren always films way more than he needs, but we can't just let all that good stuff go to waste! This collection contains those scenes from adventures that, while good, simply couldn't find a spot in the finished films.

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Deleted Scenes
  • The Korn Concert Meet & Greet

    This was a tough one to cut. But during the pre-show meet and greet, Todd and Brian met and ministered to one fan who had a powerful encounter with God.

  • Jamie Galloway On The Streets

    While filming in Salt Lake City, Jamie Galloway struck up a conversation with a man on the street who had never experienced the Holy Spirit before. That soon changed.

  • Todd White At the Pizza Parlor

    Again, many things are unfortunately cut for the finished film. Here is the entire encounter with the owner of the pizza parlor in Monaco that started that entire adventure.

  • Down By The Boats in Monaco

    See more of what led up to the encounter by the boats in Holy Ghost with Todd White.

  • The Burning of the Bodies

    While in Varanasi, Darren filmed a common ritual of the dedication and burning of bodies at the banks of the Ganges river.

  • The Temple (The Full Experience)

    Obviously, major cuts need to be made for a feature film, and this is a more extended cut of what we filmed in Varanasi, with commentary of what was going on included from Jake Hamilton and Mark Marx.

  • Will Hart Prophecies Over Girl

    Will Hart absolutely reads this girl's mail on the streets while filming Holy Ghost.

  • How To Help in Brazil

    Here, Nic Billman talks about some of the ways people can come alongside them to help the prostitutes and street people of Brazil.

  • How God Is Using Dreams In the Middle East

    One of the leading experts in the world on what God is doing in the Middle East talks about the unprecedented use of dreams and visions that are bringing people to Christ in record numbers.

  • Manuel

    While filming Holy Ghost Reborn, Darren met a homeless man named Manuel, who had amazing insights into what they were filming in Brazil.

  • How God Gave Surprise 14 Languages

    One fascinating tidbit about Surprise is that he has received the ability to speak 14 languages supernaturally. Here he talks about how that happened.

  • More Conversations With Ali

    Ali shares more about being a Christian in Turkey.

  • On The Life Of A Prostitute

    Hear what it's like to be a prostitute in Brazil.

  • Praying For People in Aristotle's Square

    Robby Dawkins and Bryan Schwartz pray for more people in Aristotle Square for Holy Ghost Reborn.

  • Woman's Wrist Healed in Greece

    This is a fun one. Watch as Robby and Bryan try to communicate to a woman to pray for her, and what the Holy Spirit does despite no one understanding each other.

  • Woman Healed At Paul's Gate in Greece

    Another healing that had to hit the cutting room floor to save time. Worth the watch just to see Robby Dawkins' excitement to be at Paul's Gate at the beginning!

  • The Difficulty of Leaving Prostitution

    Nic Billman explains the complicated nature of prostitution and why the girls often can't just leave the life even after they have accepted Christ.

  • The Red Carpet

    Nic Billman explains the significance of the red carpet for their street church. It only has a brief appearance in Holy Ghost Reborn, but it will have much more significance after you watch this!

  • The Dog- Part 2

    Once again God uses a dog while we were filming Holy Ghost Reborn, but this one has a twist. Watch to the end to have your mind blown (and make sure you watch Part 1 first!).

  • The Dog

    While filming an interview with Robby Dawkins in Greece, the Holy Spirit uses a dog to bring one of His kids home. Here's how it happened.

  • Father of Lights Alternate Opening

    Watch the alternate opening originally intended for Father of Lights, which eventually hit the cutting room floor.

  • Resurrection in Siberia

    While filming Father of Lights, I traveled to Siberia to meet a couple who had an incredible story to tell about her being raised from the dead (neither were Christians at the time). It is featured in the alternate opening, but here is the story in full.

  • After the Dome

    What happened after Darren and Todd White did the impossible and got into the Dome of the Rock? Watch and find out.

  • God and Rental Cars

    When Darren and Todd White arrive in Israel to film Father of Lights, Todd wastes no time in ministering to people, and even before they get their rental car, God's kingdom was on the move.