Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes

Darren always films way more than he needs, but we can't just let all that good stuff go to waste! This collection contains those scenes from adventures that, while good, simply couldn't find a spot in the finished films.

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Deleted Scenes
  • The Red Carpet

    Nic Billman explains the significance of the red carpet for their street church. It only has a brief appearance in Holy Ghost Reborn, but it will have much more significance after you watch this!

  • The Dog- Part 2

    Once again God uses a dog while we were filming Holy Ghost Reborn, but this one has a twist. Watch to the end to have your mind blown (and make sure you watch Part 1 first!).

  • The Dog

    While filming an interview with Robby Dawkins in Greece, the Holy Spirit uses a dog to bring one of His kids home. Here's how it happened.

  • Father of Lights Alternate Opening

    Watch the alternate opening originally intended for Father of Lights, which eventually hit the cutting room floor.

  • Resurrection in Siberia

    While filming Father of Lights, I traveled to Siberia to meet a couple who had an incredible story to tell about her being raised from the dead (neither were Christians at the time). It is featured in the alternate opening, but here is the story in full.

  • After the Dome

    What happened after Darren and Todd White did the impossible and got into the Dome of the Rock? Watch and find out.

  • God and Rental Cars

    When Darren and Todd White arrive in Israel to film Father of Lights, Todd wastes no time in ministering to people, and even before they get their rental car, God's kingdom was on the move.

  • Sometimes and Sometimes Not

    When we film, sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. Even when we're filming with people like Todd White. Here, see a little of both.

  • Tattoo Evangelism

    While filming with Doug Addison in Venice Beach, we filmed him doing some of his tattoo evangelism.

  • The Kingdom in a Subway

    While filming Father of Lights, Chris Overstreet ministers to am an on a subway platform in Chicago.

  • Church Terrorism in Iraq

    Majed el Shafie visits a church that was attacked by extremists in Iraq.

  • More Adventures With Ravi

    Here we travel to a village with Ravi to preach the gospel. Unfortunately, this adventure needed to be cut from the finished film.

  • The Witch Doctor

    Here is the full story of our visit to the witch doctor in India for Father of Lights.

  • The Dream Center

    While filming Father of Lights, we filmed at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Here's a little more about it.

  • The Entire Latin Kings Encounter

    My time filming with Todd White, Robby Dawkins, and the Latin King gang members in Chicago was a powerful moment for the film. Here is that entire encounter.

  • Furious Love Deluxe Edition - Bokaro

    In the depths of India resides a children's home called Bokaro where "Shanti" sees God's supernatural hand on a daily basis. This is a closeup look from the Furious Love Deluxe Edition of a ministry that really touched Darren's heart.

  • Encountering Benny Hinn

    Here, "Esther" tells about the time she and some other satanists went to a Benny Hinn crusade to try and curse him. What happened next was wholly unexpected, and was one of the key things to her ultimate desire to get out of the occult.

  • Car Ride to Deliverance

    "Esther" tells the story of her harrowing car ride to her deliverance.

  • The Pinky

    Angela Greenig describes a time when some satanists tried to intimidate both her and "Esther" after Esther's conversion. (Viewer Discretion Advised)

  • Discovering the Mystic Banquet

    While interviewing George Otis Jr, he told me about something called the Mystic Banquet. It was featured in Furious Love, but here he goes into much more background and detail.

  • The Dalai Lama

    George Otis Jr told us a story about the Dalai Lama that was VERY eye opening.

  • Bangkok Sex Bar Ritual

    While filming in Bangkok, Nightlight's Annie Diesleberg told us about a gross spiritual ritual done in some of the bars there each night. We attempted to film it as well. (Warning: may not be suitable for all ages)

  • Driving With Heidi

    Hanging out with Heidi Baker is always an experience, so when we were stuck in a car together heading out to the bush, I figured why not have her tell me some stories?

  • With Heidi Baker in the Bush

    More footage with Heidi Baker and her children preaching in the bush.