Father of Lights Deluxe Edition

Father of Lights Deluxe Edition

If God could be filmed, what would He look like? See the rest of the story. Father of Lights is a film about the very heart of God - it is a discovery of His character. Along the way, Darren Wilson and his team met amazing people and had incredible adventures around the world, and this Deluxe Edition brings all of those people and events right into your living room. The Deluxe Edition contains the film, as well as hours of extra footage, interviews, and deleted scenes. This is your chance to not only own the film, but to see the rest of the story behind this groundbreaking movie. Prepare to see the impossible. Prepare to meet your maker.

Featuring: Reinhard Bonnke, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, George Barna, Greg Boyd, Heidi Baker, Matthew Barnett, Robby Dawkins, Lou Engle, Robby Dawkins, Jack Deere, Andrew Wommack, Andrew Farley, Todd White, and many more!

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Father of Lights Deluxe Edition
  • Father of Lights Deluxe Edition - The Making of Father of Lights

    Take a hilarious look behind the scenes of Father of Lights and see what really happened while these three normal guys travel to Siberia, India, China, and Israel, meet the Latin Kings, encounter The Supperclub, and search for light rays to film.

  • Father of Lights Alternate Opening

    Watch the alternate opening originally intended for Father of Lights, which eventually hit the cutting room floor.

  • Resurrection in Siberia

    While filming Father of Lights, I traveled to Siberia to meet a couple who had an incredible story to tell about her being raised from the dead (neither were Christians at the time). It is featured in the alternate opening, but here is the story in full.

  • After the Dome

    What happened after Darren and Todd White did the impossible and got into the Dome of the Rock? Watch and find out.

  • Anatomy of a Song

    Kim Walker-Smith talks about her process in creating the theme song for Darren's movie, Father of Lights.

  • The Conviction of the Holy Spirit

    What is the conviction of the Holy Spirit? And who's job is it to convict people of their sin?

  • When Christian Behavior Isn't Christian

    Studies show that there is very little difference between the moral and ethical behavior of Christians and non-Christians. We talk to researcher George Barna to find out why.

  • Decision vs Relationship

    What is the difference between making a decision for Christ and having an actual relationship with him?

  • Wisdom

    Sometimes you just need a bit of wisdom from people who have been there and done that. This is a short collection of nuggets from some of your favorites.

  • Church Terrorism in Iraq

    Majed el Shafie visits a church that was attacked by extremists in Iraq.

  • Friendship and Suicide

    Author/Theologian Jack Deere talks about his son's tragic suicide and how it has deeply affected him and his faith.

  • Friendship vs Performance

    What is the difference between having a true relationship with God vs having one more predicated on what you do for Him?

  • Grace

    The topic of grace was a big one in Father of Lights, and here a number of people interviewed for the film share more of their thoughts on this important, yet often misunderstood concept.

  • How Americans View the Holy Spirit

    Researcher George Barna talks about how the majority of American Christians view the Holy Spirit, and it isn't great.

  • George Barna's Surprise

    Respected researcher George Barna received quite a surprise when his wife watched Finger of God with her best friend.

  • God and Rental Cars

    When Darren and Todd White arrive in Israel to film Father of Lights, Todd wastes no time in ministering to people, and even before they get their rental car, God's kingdom was on the move.

  • One Family's Story

    The stories of people persecuted for their faith was a heartbreaking part of Father of Lights. Here, one family (the one who is reunited at the end of the film) tells their story.

  • Majed's Story

    Majed el Shafie's story of torture for his faith is one for the ages. Here he tells it in full.

  • One With The Father

    What does it mean to be "one with the Father"? And can we really have the same oneness with God that Jesus did?

  • Guy

    Shawn Bolz tells an amazing story about his brother who died when he was young--and when Shawn met him again afterwards...

  • The Witch Doctor

    Here is the full story of our visit to the witch doctor in India for Father of Lights.

  • Ravi's Conversion Story

    While interviewing Ravi for Father of Lights, he told me the story about how he became a Christian, and it's one wild story. It also explains when he first began hearing the voice of "Daddy".

  • More Adventures With Ravi

    Here we travel to a village with Ravi to preach the gospel. Unfortunately, this adventure needed to be cut from the finished film.

  • Ravi's Himalayan Adventure

    During our interview, Ravi told a story about a time God took him on a two month journey deep into the Himalayan mountains. The story is almost too wild to believe.