Father of Lights Deluxe Edition

Father of Lights Deluxe Edition

If God could be filmed, what would He look like? See the rest of the story. Father of Lights is a film about the very heart of God - it is a discovery of His character. Along the way, Darren Wilson and his team met amazing people and had incredible adventures around the world, and this Deluxe Edition brings all of those people and events right into your living room. The Deluxe Edition contains the film, as well as hours of extra footage, interviews, and deleted scenes. This is your chance to not only own the film, but to see the rest of the story behind this groundbreaking movie. Prepare to see the impossible. Prepare to meet your maker.

Featuring: Reinhard Bonnke, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, George Barna, Greg Boyd, Heidi Baker, Matthew Barnett, Robby Dawkins, Lou Engle, Robby Dawkins, Jack Deere, Andrew Wommack, Andrew Farley, Todd White, and many more!

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Father of Lights Deluxe Edition
  • Ravi's World

    Meeting Ravi and experiencing God with him while filming for Father of Lights, I knew he must have some pretty interesting stories from his past. Here are some of the better ones.

  • Mike and Deena

    Mike and Deena proved a fan favorite in Father of Lights, and here we hear the fullness of their story.

  • Sonny

    While filming with Mike and Deena in China, they introduced us to an amazing kid named Sonny. Meet him, and be as blessed as we were.

  • Deena and the Witches

    Deena Vant Hul recounts her incredible story of meeting with witches, and ultimately leading them to Christ.

  • Prayer

    All Christians agree that prayer is an important part of the Christian walk, so why do so many Christians struggle to do it regularly? How important is it?

  • Risk

    How important is risk in the supernatural? What is the difference between risk and recklessness?

  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

    Marc Ford, former guitarist for The Black Crowes, talks about his conversion and faith in Christ.

  • Sometimes and Sometimes Not

    When we film, sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. Even when we're filming with people like Todd White. Here, see a little of both.

  • Relevance

    What are some of the biggest threats to the church being relevant in today's society?

  • The Father

    Obviously, the major focus of Father of Lights was the character and personality of the Father. Here, a number of different voices speak to His nature.

  • Tattoo Evangelism

    While filming with Doug Addison in Venice Beach, we filmed him doing some of his tattoo evangelism.

  • The Entire Latin Kings Encounter

    My time filming with Todd White, Robby Dawkins, and the Latin King gang members in Chicago was a powerful moment for the film. Here is that entire encounter.

  • The Grey Area

    Sometimes not everything is black or white in Christianity. So what do we do about the grey areas?

  • The Most Important Thing

    What is the most important thing for Christians to understand about God? Here a variety of Christian leaders weigh in.

  • The Religious Spirit

    It's one of the most destructive things in Christianity, and it's been around for thousands of years. So what exactly is the religious spirit, and how can we combat it?

  • The Orphan Spirit

    What is the orphan spirit and why is it so destructive to a person's life in God?

  • The Kingdom in a Subway

    While filming Father of Lights, Chris Overstreet ministers to am an on a subway platform in Chicago.

  • The Dream Center

    While filming Father of Lights, we filmed at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Here's a little more about it.