Finger of God 2

Finger of God 2

Go behind the scenes as Director, Will Hacker and Darren work together to put Finger of God 2 together, take it on tour, and release it to the world.

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Finger of God 2
  • #1 - Cutting Out Part Of Will's Soul

    When putting these films together, many hard decisions need to be made to not only make the movie as good as it can be, but also make sure the movie is the proper length. Watch the moment when one of these hard decisions is made between Darren and Director, Will Hacker.

  • #2 - Fighting For A Scene

    Every square inch of these films is thought out, fought for, and shaped for maximum impact on the audience. Here, Darren and Will show you a short scene from the movie and discuss the argument they had over it. This will give you a good glimpse into what goes into decidiing what makes the final...

  • #3 - That's A Wrap

    The final interview for the movie comes with a suprise that was over 2 years in the making.

  • #4 - Version 2 Of The Film (With Sneak Peek!)

    Because Darren can't ever help himself, he wants to show you the first minute of the film before it's even finished. So hear how the film is progressing, then get ready for a gigantic tease!

  • #5 - Recording the Voice Over

    Will Hacker records the voice over for his new film, Finger of God 2.

  • #6 - Locking The Edit

    Darren and Will travel to Las Vegas to visit the NAB Show but also to work on finalizing or "locking" the edit. This means the film is officially done being edited, and no more changes can be made.

  • #7 - The Film Is Coming Together (NEW)

    Darren and Will give a quick update on Finger of God 2.