Furious Love Deluxe Edition

Furious Love Deluxe Edition

While filming Furious Love over a two year period, Darren was obviously able to see and hear some amazing things that simply didn’t make it into the final cut. We have tried to put together the best of what Darren was able to film for this collection, and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you all. If you liked the movie, then you’re absolutely going to LOVE this edition of the film.

Featuring: Greg Boyd, Stacey Campbell, Robby Dawkins, Harmony Dust, Angela Greenig, Craig Gross, Will Hart, Jeff Jansen, Philip Mantofa, J.P. Moreland, George Otis Jr., Mattheus van der Steen, Kris Vallotton, and many more!

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Furious Love Deluxe Edition
  • Furious Love Deluxe Edition - The Making Of Furious Love

    Take a humorous look at Darren and his crew as they travel the world filming Furious Love.

  • Furious Love Deluxe Edition - A Photographic Journey

    Straight from the Furious Love Deluxe Edition comes a chronological compilation of two years worth of photos taken from Darren's journey around the world chasing God's love.

  • Demon, Clean This Mess Up

    Robby Dawkins tells an incredible story about a time he delivered a woman from a demon. But first, he gave the demon a job to do.

  • Discovering the Mystic Banquet

    While interviewing George Otis Jr, he told me about something called the Mystic Banquet. It was featured in Furious Love, but here he goes into much more background and detail.

  • Car Ride to Deliverance

    "Esther" tells the story of her harrowing car ride to her deliverance.

  • Attacked By A Demon

    While filming with Philip Mantofa in Indonesia, he told me a crazy story about a time he was attacked by demons.

  • Encountering Benny Hinn

    Here, "Esther" tells about the time she and some other satanists went to a Benny Hinn crusade to try and curse him. What happened next was wholly unexpected, and was one of the key things to her ultimate desire to get out of the occult.

  • Bangkok Sex Bar Ritual

    While filming in Bangkok, Nightlight's Annie Diesleberg told us about a gross spiritual ritual done in some of the bars there each night. We attempted to film it as well. (Warning: may not be suitable for all ages)

  • The Pillow Story

    Philip Mantofa told this story, which is one of the craziest ones we've ever heard, about himself, two principalities, and a pillow. Sounds like the beginning of a good joke, but this is real.

  • Holiness in a Hotel Room

    Philip Mantofa shared this amazing and challenging story about his relentless pursuit of holiness, even to the point of major discomfort.

  • The Dalai Lama

    George Otis Jr told us a story about the Dalai Lama that was VERY eye opening.

  • The Gun and Oil Story

    While filming Furious Love, we talked with former stripper Harmony Dust (who now works to get women out of that life) and she told us a wild story about guns and anointing oil.

  • Love at a Leper Colony

    Mattheus Van Der Steen told this story about ministering to a leper colony that was amazing.

  • The Pinky

    Angela Greenig describes a time when some satanists tried to intimidate both her and "Esther" after Esther's conversion. (Viewer Discretion Advised)

  • Philip Goes to Hell

    Philip Mantofa tells the powerful yet horrifying story of when he was taken to hell to witness it for himself. (Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised)

  • The Reality of the Battle

    While making Furious Love, I learned a lot about the spiritual battle going on around us all the time. This is a special feature designed to highlight the best of that topic.

  • Control, Structure, and Holiness

    How do we juggle control, structure, and the pursuit of holiness in our personal and collective Christianity?

  • Blueprint Worldview

    Greg Boyd explains the common blueprint worldview, which he believes to be in error, that most Christians use to explain why bad things happen to good people.

  • The Role of Love

    We all agree that love is key to the Christian walk, but just how key is it, and what exactly does it look like?

  • Unity

    How important is unity across the body of Christ, and for that matter, what should it actually look like?

  • What Holds Us Back

    What holds us back from a truly full life in Christ and the Holy Spirit? What must we overcome to find true freedom and healing?

  • Furious Love Deluxe Edition - Bokaro

    In the depths of India resides a children's home called Bokaro where "Shanti" sees God's supernatural hand on a daily basis. This is a closeup look from the Furious Love Deluxe Edition of a ministry that really touched Darren's heart.