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Episode 05 - Justice vs Grace (New)

Questions With God, Season 1, Episode 16 • 28m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 03 - One Time Encounters (New)

    What is the point of a one-time God encounter if there is no follow up? Should the gospel message be given at every encounter? How do you overcome the challenges of one-time encounters with people? - With Chad Norris, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins

  • Episode 04 - Importance of Experience...

    Does experience mean anything in God’s kingdom? Doesn’t experience breed faith, and isn’t faith a pre-requisite for healing? Why don’t we see more of the miraculous in the West compared to elsewhere in the world? ⁃ With Bryan Schwartz, Darren Davis, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins

  • Episode 02 - Weird Stuff (New)

    If it’s not in the Bible, can it still be God? Is God normal? How do we stay grounded in good theology when opening up to some of the stranger things of the Spirit? - With Chad Norris, Gary Wilson, Bryan Schwarz, Pat Windel