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Episode 14 - God & Korn Part 2 (New)

Questions With God, Season 1, Episode 7 • 28m

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  • Episode 13 - God & Korn Part 1 (New)

    Are Christians more afraid of darkness than God is? What is it we’re afraid of? What is the proper approach to the things of this world, especially things of darkness? - With Brian “Head” Welch, Chad & Wendy Norris, Gary Wilson

  • Episode 12 - Religion vs Relationship...

    What is the difference between religion and having a relationship with God? How does “being a christian” differ from “having a relationship”? How is Christ different from other gods rom other religions? - With John Piippo, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins

  • Episode 11 - A Choice Must Be Made (New)

    What role does choice play in our salvation? What does it mean to make a choice vs God choosing us? Is salvation as simple as saying yes? Has God chosen everyone or only a chosen few? - With Chad Norris, Gary Wilson, Darren Davis, Robby Dawkins