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Episode 16 - Do What Jesus Did (New)

Questions With God, Season 1, Episode 5 • 28m

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  • Episode 15 - The Journey (New)

    How much freedom should we allow in a person’s journey? How should we handle sin with others? What are some of the biggest mistakes we make in dealing with other people’s sin? - With Chad Norris, Jamie & Emily Galloway, Darren Davis

  • Episode 14 - God & Korn Part 2 (New)

    How can you be a Christian and still work in a dark industry? Doesn’t Jesus call us to be in the world and not of it? When should we stay away, and when should we body go into the darkness with the light? - With Brian “Head” Welch, Bryan Schwartz, Chad Norris, Gary Wilson

  • Episode 13 - God & Korn Part 1 (New)

    Are Christians more afraid of darkness than God is? What is it we’re afraid of? What is the proper approach to the things of this world, especially things of darkness? - With Brian “Head” Welch, Chad & Wendy Norris, Gary Wilson