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Watch this video and more on WP TV

Episode 18 - Does God Need Us? (New)

Questions With God, Season 1, Episode 3 • 28m

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  • Episode 17 - Tongues (New)

    Why are tongues so controversial? What is actually happening when you speak in tongues? How are you sure it’s a tongue and not just babbling? Are there different kinds of tongues? - With Chad & Wendy Norris, John Piippo, Eric Hansen

  • Episode 16 - Do What Jesus Did (New)

    Can literally anyone do what Jesus did? Is there a learning curve? What are the rules of stepping out; what should you never do? - With Chad Norris, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins

  • Episode 15 - The Journey (New)

    How much freedom should we allow in a person’s journey? How should we handle sin with others? What are some of the biggest mistakes we make in dealing with other people’s sin? - With Chad Norris, Jamie & Emily Galloway, Darren Davis