In may of our interviews, we hear amazing testimonies of God's goodness, power, and grace. This collection is designed to put all of them in one place. Hopefully these increase your faith for more in your own life.

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  • Teleporting From a Battlefield to a Hotel

    Surprise tells a story about a time he was teleported by the Holy Spirit.

  • Surprise Tells of Raising People From the Dead

    Surprise has raised a number of people from the dead. Here, he talks about it.

  • Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meets Jesus In Prison

    The former Prime Minister of Ethiopia tells an amazing story about Jesus meeting him in prison.

  • Ali's Full Testimony

    Ali's testimony is one for the ages, and here you'll see him telling it in it's entirety. An added bonus is his mother giving some flavor and perspective to the story as well.

  • Holy Spirit Encounters - Jeremy Riddle

    Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Riddle talks about one of his most profound experiences with the Holy Spirit.

  • Holy Spirit Encounters - Phil Vischer

    Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, talks about his first encounter with the Holy Spirit.

  • Holy Spirit Encounters - Lenny Kravitz

    Singer/Actor Lenny Kravitz talks about one of his very first encounters with the Holy Spirit.

  • Holy Spirit Encounters - Meredith Andrews

    Singer/Songwriter Meredith Andrews talks about one of the first encounters she ever had with the Holy Spirit.

  • Phil Vischer, Walt Disney, And Identity

    Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) talks about his connection with Walt Disney and discovering his own identity in Christ.

  • Holy Spirit Encounters - Gary Wilson

    Artist Gary Wilson talks about one of the most profound encounters he's ever had with the Holy Spirit.

  • Why Brian "Head" Welch Went Back To Korn

    Brian "Head" Welch talks about why he returned to Korn after leaving them for nearly a decade after getting saved.

  • Holy Spirit Encounters - Brian & Jenn Johnson

    Brian & Jenn Johnson discuss some of their first or most important encounters with the Holy Spirit.

  • Heidi Baker on Apostolic Anointing

    Heidi Baker discusses the time God offended her mind to reach her heart.

  • Friendship and Suicide

    Author/Theologian Jack Deere talks about his son's tragic suicide and how it has deeply affected him and his faith.

  • George Barna's Surprise

    Respected researcher George Barna received quite a surprise when his wife watched Finger of God with her best friend.

  • Guy

    Shawn Bolz tells an amazing story about his brother who died when he was young--and when Shawn met him again afterwards...

  • Mike and Deena

    Mike and Deena proved a fan favorite in Father of Lights, and here we hear the fullness of their story.

  • Sonny

    While filming with Mike and Deena in China, they introduced us to an amazing kid named Sonny. Meet him, and be as blessed as we were.

  • Deena and the Witches

    Deena Vant Hul recounts her incredible story of meeting with witches, and ultimately leading them to Christ.

  • Majed's Story

    Majed el Shafie's story of torture for his faith is one for the ages. Here he tells it in full.

  • One Family's Story

    The stories of people persecuted for their faith was a heartbreaking part of Father of Lights. Here, one family (the one who is reunited at the end of the film) tells their story.

  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

    Marc Ford, former guitarist for The Black Crowes, talks about his conversion and faith in Christ.

  • Ravi's Conversion Story

    While interviewing Ravi for Father of Lights, he told me the story about how he became a Christian, and it's one wild story. It also explains when he first began hearing the voice of "Daddy".

  • Ravi's Himalayan Adventure

    During our interview, Ravi told a story about a time God took him on a two month journey deep into the Himalayan mountains. The story is almost too wild to believe.