In may of our interviews, we hear amazing testimonies of God's goodness, power, and grace. This collection is designed to put all of them in one place. Hopefully these increase your faith for more in your own life.

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  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

    Marc Ford, former guitarist for The Black Crowes, talks about his conversion and faith in Christ.

  • Ravi's Conversion Story

    While interviewing Ravi for Father of Lights, he told me the story about how he became a Christian, and it's one wild story. It also explains when he first began hearing the voice of "Daddy".

  • Ravi's Himalayan Adventure

    During our interview, Ravi told a story about a time God took him on a two month journey deep into the Himalayan mountains. The story is almost too wild to believe.

  • Ravi's World

    Meeting Ravi and experiencing God with him while filming for Father of Lights, I knew he must have some pretty interesting stories from his past. Here are some of the better ones.

  • Philip Goes to Hell

    Philip Mantofa tells the powerful yet horrifying story of when he was taken to hell to witness it for himself. (Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised)

  • Sid Roth's Testimony

    TV Host Sid Roth, a messianic Jew, gives his testimony.

  • Francis is Raised From the Dead

    Here is the full story of Francis being raised from the dead that was highlighted in Finger of God.

  • Andrew White and Arafat

    Canon Andrew White describes his friendship with former PLO leader Yasir Arafat, including their discussions about Jesus.

  • How the Beyers Got Their Manna

    Harold and Kaye Beyer describe in detail how they started to receive heavenly manna.

  • Rolland Baker Talks Beyond The Veil

    Rolland Baker's grandfather was a missionary, and in many ways was the precursor to what Heidi and Rolland are doing in Mozambique. Here, Rolland tells the story that is also highlighted in the book, Beyond The Veil.

  • Lunch With Heidi and Randy

    While filming in Switzerland, I was able to sit down at lunch with Heidi and Randy and hear them tell me the amazing ways God has used both of their paths to influence each other and change the world. Pull up a chair and be a fly on the wall.

  • Mikhail's Forgiveness

    While filming with Georgian Banov and the gypsies, we heard this story about one gypsy's amazing story of forgiveness.