The God Man

The God Man

Go with Darren behind-the-scenes as he makes his next feature film, The God Man. You'll journey with him in real time as he travels the world making the final film in his 6-movie saga.

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The God Man
  • #1 - Finding The God Man In A Treehouse

    In the first of many behind-the-scenes updates for The God Man, Darren takes you into his "fortress of solitude" in the South Carolina woods and talks about meeting Jesus there and the genesis of his new feature film about Jesus.

  • #2 - Visa Problems

    Darren will be filming in Nigeria in November, but not unless he can fix his very unique visa problem.

  • #3 - Heading to Nigeria

    The day before leaving to begin some exploratory filming, God reminds me that His attention to detail is second to none. And this little detail has been 12 years in the making...

  • #4 - Day 1 - Lagos, Nigeria

    Go behind the scenes of Darren's first day of filming at Reinhard Bonnke's final African crusade for his movie, The God Man.

  • #5 - Day 2 & 3 - Lagos, Nigeria: Part 1

    In Part 1 of this behind-the-scenes update, Darren fills you in on what he's been filming, and you get to peek behind the curtain of the guys setting up for an interview with Daniel Kolenda.

  • #6 - Day 2 & 3 - Lagos, Nigeria: Part 2

    In Part 2, Darren is given the opportunity to give perhaps the final interview of Reinhard Bonnke, and you'll see what it looks like when 400,000 people are filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time.

  • #7 - Final Day in Nigeria

    The final day of filmin in Nigeria proved eventful, with a new ending and a wheelchair miracle captured.

  • #8 - End Of A Year...And Beyond

    Darren gives a quick update on what is coming in 2018, both for WP TV subscribers, as well as in general with one new show and 2 huge movies.

  • #9 - Financing The Film

    Darren goes deep under the hood to give you the clearest picture yet of how he has raised money for his films in the past, and how things are different (and much bigger) for this movie.

  • #10 - Introducing: Bjorn Amundsen, DP

    Darren has worked with Bjorn Amundsen on a number of things throughout the years (artwork, Adventures With God, etc...) but this will be the first time he is tapping Bjorn to be the DP of one of his feature films. Here he talks about what a DP does, and also shows you some examples of Bjorn's wo...

  • #11 - Introducing: Cynthia Garrett, EP (NEW)

    Meet Cynthia Garrett, our Executive Producer of The God Man.