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  • The Gospel vs Signs and Wonders (NEW!)

    In this bonus clip from Season 2 of Questions with God, Darren and friends discuss why preaching the gospel and signs and wonders should go hand in hand, but how sometimes we chase after other things in our desire to see God move.

  • The Lost Lenny Kravitz Interview (NEW!)

    While fliming Holy Ghost & Reborn, Darren did a lengthy interview with rock star/actor Lenny Kravitz. Due to some issue with management at the time, Darren couldn't use much of that interview for the film. But now you can watch the entire interview in it's entirety, exclusively on WP TV!

  • Behind The Scenes of a TV Show

    Darren travels to Orlando to be a guest on Daniel Kolenda's TV show for his ministry, CFAN. Get a short glimpse of what it looks like behind the cameras just before he goes on.

  • The Importance of Discipline

    In this outtake from Questions With God: Season 2, Bryan Schwartz talks about the difficulty of ministering to millenials and one of the hurdles he must overcome with the mindset that discipline isn't really important to God.

  • NBA Player Blesses Homeless Woman

    While in LA, I met up with my friend, Tarik Black, from the Houston Rockets. We encountered a homeless woman on our way to dinner after his game, and when she asked for Jesus instead of money, she got a whole lot more.

  • Seeing The Future With Brian "Head" Welch

    While hanging out together in LA, Darren and Brian get invited to a VR demonstration. Hijinks ensue.

  • The Beauty & Importance of Repentance

    In this outtake from Adventures With God: Season 2, Darren and the guys talk about repentance, and what role it plays when your problems are self-inflicted and not an "attack from the enemy". They also talk about what it actually looks like.

  • Floating Man vs Snake Man

    Prepare yourself for two of the best demonic deliverance stories you've ever heard. These outtakes from Season 2 of Questions With God will not dissapoint.

  • Dealing With Demonic Attacks

    In this extra from Season 2 of Questions with God, Darren and friends discuss the idea of being "under attack" from the enemy, and just how much attention you should (or should not) pay to the devil.

  • Deena Vant Hul - The Purpose of Fear

    In this outtake from Questions With God: Season 2, missionary Deena Vant Hul tells a powerful story about how God taught her that fear often precedes a powerful breakthrough in the spirit.

  • The Bethel Glory Cloud

    In 2011, I obtained footage from Bethel Church of the first appearance of God's glory cloud in their sanctuary. Here it is, presented for the first time.

  • The Kingdom of God & The Arts

    Artist Gary Wilson talks about the importance of the kingdom of God, as well as how it relates to the arts.

  • The Importance of Risk And Failure

    Hear from Bill Johnson, Jamie Galloway, Banning Liebscher, and Brian & Jenn Johnson as they talk about how important it is to not fear failure and risk if you're going after the kingdom of God.

  • Todd White - Be On Fire And Stomp Hell

    While filming Father of Lights, we filmed our interview with Todd White in the same location that David gathered his mighty men. Here, Todd talks about being on fire for God, stomping on the devil, and why being a lukewarm Christian is so abhorrent to God.

  • Lou Engle - God's Heart For The Fatherless

    Lou Engle, co-founder of The Call gatherings, talks about the Father's heart for this fatherless generation, and what He is looking to pour out upon them.

  • Art Should Be Transformational - MWS

  • Suicide, The Military, And Hope

  • VeggieTales, Death, And Resurrection

  • Lenny Kravitz On His Foundation In God

    Singer/Actor Lenny Kravitz talks about how he juggles being a rock star and a "brand" with being a child of God.

  • Partnering with HS Creatively

  • How To Have A Relationship With Holy Spirit

    For those to whom all this talk about having a "relationship with God" seems a bit foreign, William P Young brings his trademark wisdom to some of the errors we often make when trying to walk out Christianity while having the wrong lens for both our faith and others.

  • RT Kendall - Did The Devil Do That?

    Often, cessationists will attribute miraculous occurrences as something the devil does "as an angel of light" to fool us. Here, author and theologian RT Kendall dispels some of that with a very personal story.