The interviews I've done with a wide variety of people has been a hallmark of all the films, and this collection brings all of these different topics and opinions together into one place. Here you'll find subjects of every shape and size, so dig in and enjoy, be stretched, and learn from some of the great minds and hearts around.

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  • Holy Ghost Reborn - Manifestations

    Often a touch from God brings with it odd, sometimes violent manifestations. Where do we see this in the Bible? Why does this even happen? And how do you tell what’s from God and what isn’t?

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - The importance of Good Theology

    Spirit-filled believers are often accused of not valuing good theology and operating only out of experience. Here we discuss this notion and why having good theological basis for what we believe is so important for a balanced life.

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - Tongues

    Perhaps nothing in the spirit-led life is more controversial or misunderstood than speaking in tongues. Here we look at why it is such a dividing line for people, and why it is still important in the life of today’s believer.

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - The Personality of the Holy Spirit

    If the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, then it stands to reason that He has a personality. Here we discuss some of the various traits He has revealed of Himself.

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

    What does the Bible mean when it talks about “the unpardonable sin”? How do you know you haven’t done it? What does it mean exactly?

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - Abusing the Holy Spirit

    Discussing things people sometimes do that cause more damage than good when operating within the spiritual gifts.

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - Hunger for the Holy Spirit

    What does it mean to hunger for the Spirit, and what does that even look like? How do you get hunger if you are spiritually dry?

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    What is the difference between receiving Jesus His Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Does one negate the other? This is one of the more confusing aspects of a spirit-filled mindset, but an important topic nonetheless.

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - 04 Fear of the Holy Spirit

    Why are so many people seemingly afraid of the Holy Spirit? Is it because He cannot be controlled? Because strange things might happen? What is the proper approach to the Spirit?

  • Holy Ghost Reborn - Resisting the Holy Spirit

    In what ways do we sometimes resist what the Holy Spirit is doing or wanting to do in and through us? How do we overcome this tendency?

  • Experiencing The Holy Spirit

    Famed evangelist Reinhard Bonnke talks about the importance of experiencing the Holy Spirit for yourself.

  • The Counterfeit Spirit

    Is there a counterfeit spirit that masquerades as the Holy Spirit? How can you tell? RT Kendall sheds some light on this topic.

  • How To Host The Holy Spirit

    For many leaders, one of the most difficult things to do is strike a balance between wanting the Holy Spirit to have His way in a service, but also keep to a schedule so it doesn't devolve into chaos. So how exactly do you do it well?

  • Why Convicting Isn't Your Job

    We touched on it before, but here we delve straight into the notion that convicting other people of sin is not our job as Christians.

  • Fruit of the Spirit vs Gifts of the Spirit

    What is the difference between the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit? Is it possible to have one without the other?

  • Can the Bible Be An Idol?

    Is it possible to worship the Bible?

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - An Afternoon with My Dad

    Here's your chance to receive pure wisdom from the father of the Director of Holy Ghost! Gary Wilson has taught art and creativity for 45 years and we caught him in his studio as he teaches about using art as parables, the problem of superficial Christian art, the role of the artist, art as praye...

  • The Orphan Spirit

    What is the orphan spirit and why is it so destructive to a person's life in God?

  • Friendship vs Performance

    What is the difference between having a true relationship with God vs having one more predicated on what you do for Him?

  • Grace

    The topic of grace was a big one in Father of Lights, and here a number of people interviewed for the film share more of their thoughts on this important, yet often misunderstood concept.

  • Prayer

    All Christians agree that prayer is an important part of the Christian walk, so why do so many Christians struggle to do it regularly? How important is it?

  • When Christian Behavior Isn't Christian

    Studies show that there is very little difference between the moral and ethical behavior of Christians and non-Christians. We talk to researcher George Barna to find out why.

  • The Conviction of the Holy Spirit

    What is the conviction of the Holy Spirit? And who's job is it to convict people of their sin?

  • Decision vs Relationship

    What is the difference between making a decision for Christ and having an actual relationship with him?